The Azul Experience

Welcome to Azul

Azul is about elevating the humble food of the coastal lines of the world.

Our service and atmosphere will transport you back to your favourite vacation by the sea, right from the vibrant Browns Bay area. Come and enjoy one of the best sea views in Auckland, while dining with us.

Our Chef

Pratik is an intuitive chef, deeply committed to creating an approachable menu full of flavour that takes each diner on a journey. With over 14 years’ experience to build on, Pratik’s knowledge of cuisine is evident throughout his menu design.

Our Team

The very best our oceans have to offer



Goals & Vision

Azul’s cuisine is characterized by fresh, bright flavours that allow the simplicity of the ingredients to shine through.
Our menu is an ode to the food that comes from the sea and the coastal landscape.

We are all about sustainable seafood, local and seasonal produce. Supporting the local fish monger and using
local ingredients while incorporating different aspects of cuisine from seaside-cultures throughout the world.